Monday, June 6, 2011

Jiggs and Pablo's Visit - June 5th 2011

Dallas made two new friends today! Our friend, Degan, brought over her border collie, Jiggs-Khalua, along with Pablo, a cocker spaniel that she was babysitting.

Dallas was a bit shy at first, but they were all hanging out together in no time. Degan and Jiggs taught Dallas the 'proper'  way to greet other dogs :-D

Hi Pablo and Jiggs!

What type of doggie are you??


This is fun!

More bubbles!!


I caught a bubble!

Where did it go??

Whew, that was tiring

Umm, Pablo, what are you doing??

That's the RIGHT way to greet other doggies!

I love me some attention...

Throw it throw it throw it throw it

More attention for the big baby

I love you Degan! Come back soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Puppy Playdate - 29th May 2011

We had a FUN time visiting with Sarah, Jan, Jayne and all the doggies!!

Dallas got tonnes of attention from the other 'ladies' there....Lizzie, Shelby and Bella....he didn't know what to do with himself!!

 Lizzie was in heat and kept...ummm...."presenting" herself to Dallas....the poor guy kept looking at her in confusion! And Bella kept trying to herd him....she probably thought Dallas was a sheep with his shaggy coat!

Sarah and Jane, thanks for a wonderful visit, and Jayne, thanks for coming over with your pups!!

Hi Shelby!

Chase me Bella!

Dallas and Bella getting accquainted

Why are all these girls chasing me??

Dallas thinks the girls have WAY too much energy for his liking

Bella, stop herding me!

Time for some socializing....

Shelby having a 'thoughtful' moment..

Shelby, Lizzie and Bella

Dallas getting a belly rub from his Daddy

Leave that poop alone, Sarah, I will eat it!

Side profile of Dallas

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 2011

Posing for pictures is tiring!

Don't I have big ears?

Check out my fancy bed!

Feb 2011

Hmm...keep an eye out for that stinky doggie...

Sitting for a treat

Daddy, I want to sit on the couch too!

Daddy can barely life me now!

February 2011 - Visit with Epic Shilohs

We visited Sara Tasca and her gorgeous dogs - Dallas had a blast!! Bizzie Lizze was a very gracious and charming playmate, Dallas was so delighted, I think he forgot all about us. We couldn't believe the size of her dogs; it was hard to imagine that Dallas would ever be that big.

Thanks, Sara, for a really fun day!!

Bizzie Lizze!!

Hello Lizzie!

So many people and doggies!

This is FUN!!

Lizzie showing Dallas the ropes